Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Blog:
I'll try keeping this one alive *fingers crossed*

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Examsssss, FOLIOS and homeworkkk.. Gosh its all driving me crazy, I can feel the hours of not-enough of sleep catching up on me. I cant wait till the June hols. xD

Chrissy is awesome cause i miss her =P

Cnt wait till SUNDAY!! WHEEEEEE, i have yet to make my mom's mother's day girft
ANYWAYS the youth is coming over on sunday for PIZZA and FRIED CHICKEN WHHEEEE

im glad we won a softball match but didnt enter the semi-finals cause we were soo not ready and im not a reliable pitcher at all cause

me+ pressure= FAILure to pitch


Has to go to tuition
poor mee
how am i ever gonna complete my revision for exams?
oh well, gtg

Monday, April 26, 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

1 cross
+3 nails

i wanna watch the passion of christ

Friday, March 26, 2010


Friday, March 12, 2010

just because I'm dead bored

1. First, are you straight?
yes, although i cant walk in a straight line =P

2. Are you desperate for love?

3. What’s the first physical feature that attracts you first in a guy?
big hands =P winning smile and sparkling eyes xD

4. In your opinion, what’s the perfect date?
you and me babeh.. hahahaha

5. Do you play hard-to-get?
when im bored.. lol

6. Would you go for the cute boy next door, or the handsome and charming romeo of your school?

7. A nerd asks you out, and since you sort of like him, you agree. The problem is, some people are teasing you about saying yes. What do you do?
bleh.. my wish lah

8. Would you prefer your guy to excel in studies or in sports?
Both! :D

9. Do you believe in love at first sight?

10. Do you think opposites do attract?
Yeah! its like magnets

11. Choose 1: A guy who picks you up for school in a gorgeous car, or a guy who picks you up and walks?
Walks for suree

12. Would you go for a dark, mysterious poet?
i'm not sure.....

13. You’ve just realised that your guy dislikes one of your fav bands! Your reaction?
tease him cause im mean =P

14. You’re allergic to his beloved pet! What do you do?
Wim not allergic to anything!

15. Loved and lost, or never loved at all?

love and KEEP

16. Would you stay with your guy if he loses his sight in an accident?
Of course!

17. If your guy was good friends with his ex, would you trust him enough?
i'd probably be a lil jealous =P

18. Dumped for who you are, or loved eternally for something that you aren’t?
Dumped for who I am for sure

19. Would you pretend to be someone different if you thought that it’d make someone fall in love with you?
whats not to love bout me ? =P

NZ was great.. too lazy to blog though.. stomach didn't feel good the whole day


Sunday, December 20, 2009

an effort to blog

OKAY, because Ka Liang got a blog and he's following me.. I shall make an effort to be less lazy and BLOG! so this is a really really long post, prepare yourself!!
things to blog about:
  • DYC
  • caroling
  • the coming christmas dinner[church]
Diocese Youth Camp

1 word, AMAZING

2nd word, F-U-N

and a phrase, I wanna go again!!

It was 4 days in Rawang, 8 hours away from JB, a lot of hours in a lousy bus that "peed" on me and totally worth it. =D
We arrived late the first day, totally missed the ice breaking session =[
Got into our groups and then had our free time. Chrissy and I walked around. Made some new friends.
I think we had a talk before the concert.. Or perhaps not, I'm not so sure.. >.<
Anyways, the concert was fantastic, Joel [Tan] was the first to faint, followed by some other people. wish i could have fainted.. oh well

Then we had a talk on transformation, from the inside by Pastor Elisha. After that we had Milo in the dining area.

Oh, and we were sorted into dorms, chrissy and I got into the smallest dorm (6 girls only).
And we all had to share the bathroom, fortunately I never really had to wait for the shower =D
So anyways, the second day we woke up EARLY for the morning devotion and "exercise".
The activities of the day : a talk by a chinese dude, workshops, battlefield challenge, free time, open forum, another talk by Pastor Elisha

So all of us were divided into workshops and yes, we had no choice but I'm glad I was sorted into Knowing Me, Knowing You. The title is self-explanatory, we had to take a personality test. Turns out I'm a Peacock-Dove.. WHEEEEE.. hahaha...
The friends I made from the workshop: Harold, Ezekial, Bryan V, Rachel and uh... Wilson's little brother.. =P

Honestly speaking, or typing, I was kinda reluctant about the Battlefield Challenge
As all my friends know, this girl is NOT athletic. Thats right, no point pretending to be shocked there, just one glance at my chubby face and you know it.
But it turned out okay, I suppose.

So after the Battlefield Challenge we played around the pool. I've been pushed into the pool countless of times by Harold, Jun Kang, Tony.... In the pool pulak, Ezekial kept splashing me. And Isaac was shirtless o.o

The open Forum was the most boring thing we did. Honestly, I felt like talking, msging, something other than listen to them discuss. Then the quickie talk on transformation by Pastor Elisha. And lastly, the discussion about the Homes that we were going to visit. The home that we were going to is, Kirtarsh which actually the most difficult home to handle, it was a home for children as well as elders.

Jacqueline and I were in charge of Arts and Crafts, and we had lots of circles to cut. Even by midnight we were not done. Thanks to Wilson and Dinesh for helping me cut the circles. I was tricked by Tony to say a prayer on behalf of the Arts and Crafts team. ISH you.

Because we were oh-so-tired & oh-so-high, Jacqueline and I did STAR JUMPS!! Thats right, STAR JUMPS in the middle of the night. We are now known as the STAR JUMP GIRLS
On the morning of the 3rd day, because we were sooo inspiring, Tony called us to the front, and we led the star jumping. =D

Then we got ready and left to Kirtarsh. The bus ride was really fun, singing and all. When we arrived, I felt kinda scared. It was all so foreign to me. There were disable people, smelly people, weird looking people. But of course, after awhile i got used to it. played some games, took a lot of pictures which is on Facebook. After 6 long and tiring hours, we went back to camp base.

After dinner was the ultra-fun Refugee Race. We were sorted into families with different surnames and country of origin. I am, Fernando the very sexy Gonzalez from Spain! =D
Bryan Yong was my dad 0.0. And I am the favourite and oldest grandson of Yogan[Does not know his name in the game]. My younger sister, Nina Gonzalez is sooo much taller than me.

So in the game, Malaysia has been hit by an earthquake. Families have to register in the emergency counter, build homes and buy food. We had to go through useless corrupted policemen, there was a jail, prostitution center, black market, jobs.

I WAS THE FIRST PROSTITUTE IN THE GAME. Followed by Joel. hahahahaha. And at one point i was in the prostitution house with my grandfather o.0.

The bishop also came to play with us. I bribed him rm 5 in the game. hahahahaha. At the end of the game he gave us a very short sermon and bought us each an ice-cream, thus he earned the nickname, the ice cream man =D

The whole point of the game is actually to help us understand the conditions refugees are living in. The pain, suffering, hopelessness. To understand how desperate of money they become. To see to what lengths you would go to, just to get some money for your family. And also its a glimpse of the reality of the world.

The last day, we had our usual morning devotion and star jumping. Our teams were ranked, my team came in 5th place. Team Caleb. 2 representatives of visitors from each home had to tell everyone what we felt. Bryan was chosen and then he chose me. He was supposed to talk first but nooo, he made me talk first and i was really unprepared so i literally said anything hat came to my mind. We ate, and said our goodbyes D=. Another 8 hours journey back to JB.
*p.s. I do not like talking in front of crowds >.<

Caroling was held for 3 nights, lots of fun and noise making in the bus. Pictures are on Facebook.

Will be acting in the christmas dinner as a SEXY vivacious woman. I am a SIN, a TEMPTATION to doreen to look better =D